Tourist Places in Rajgir

Location : Rajgir, Nalanda India
State : Bihar
District : Nalanda
Famous for/as : Heritage/Pilgrims
Languages : Bihari, Hindi
Best Season : Oct – Mar
Weather : Summer 22 to 37°C, winter 19 to 32°C
Rainfall : 1,860 mm
Altitude : 73 m
STD code : 06112

About Rajgir

Rajgir or Rajagriha that literally means the house of kings is one of the most favorable tourist destinations of India. The city is located in the in the Nalanda district of the state of Bihar. It’s a prehistoric place, situated in a valley and surrounded by amazing rocky hummocks. The spot is blessed with the holy touch of Lord Buddha. It is believed that Buddha himself spends 12 years here in the city and delivered many sermons to the people in town of Rajgir.

Regardless, Lord Mahavir is also supposed to spend some precious time of his life at the town of Rajgir. One can easily see several Buddhist influences in the town and various monks meditating at a place called Vultures Peak. The sanctified setting works to rejuvenate both the body and soul. The embracing nature and serene beauty make Rajgir most preferred destination and make them spend their precious holiday here. Previously, Rajgir was the capital city of Magadha kings until the 5th century BC when Ajatsatru stirred the capital to Pataliputra

Rajgir is believed to be an important Buddhist pilgrimage site since the first Buddha council had conducted over here at the Saptaparni caves. Here is was the jivkamaravana monastery where Lord Buddha would retreat into in the beautiful orchard. Jivaka, who as one of the most devoted and affluent followers would also live here, soon the wealthy merchant community also got influenced with Buddha’s Sermon & became the follower of Lord Buddha.

Major pilgrimage attractions of Rajgir

Gridhakuta Hill : Gridhakuta hill, also known as Vulture’s park is an important pilgrim destination for Buddhist pilgrims. This is the same place where Lord Buddha preached many of is important sermons and teachings to his disciples. It’s the place Lord Buddha set his second wheel of law in motion for three month every year during rainy season.

At the top of the hill, there is a Shanti Stupa (Peace Pagoda) that was built by the rich Buddha Sangha of Japan to commemorate Lord Buddha. Here at the same place Vulture’s Peak, Buddha preached two of the most significant sermons known as Prajnaparamita and Lotus Sutra.

Jain Temples : There are approx 26 Jain temples on the hills surrounding Rajgir which worth the visit. A part form witnessing the divine feels of the Jainism religion through these temples, it’s also a great fun to go for trek on hills. Due to the reason you can see thousands of pilgrims here throughout the year. It’s very complex to climb the hills for a amateur person so make sure to climb up on hills under expert supervision and full guidance.

Shanti Stupa : Shanti Stupa (Peace Pagoda) is a splendid structure in white built by Buddha Sangha of Japan is lying at the top of Ratnagiri hills. The statue is having four golden statues that are symbolizing the four major stages of Lord Buddha’s life including- His birth, enlightenment, teaching and death. It’s a treat to watch them respectively.

Venuvana : This site of the monastery Venuvana Vihar was built by the order of King Bimbisara for Lord Buddha to live. Venuvana was the first offering of King Bimbsara to lord Buddha.

Hot Springs : They are situated at the foot of Vaibhava hills. It’s a staircase that leads the way to many temples. The water floods out from the stream named as "Saptadhara". There have been some separate bathing arrangements for both men and women and the water that gushes out supposed to have some medical properties that help people heal from several type of health illness.

How to reach Rajgir?

By Air : The nearest airport is at Patna 101 km. Indian airlines connects Patna to Calcutta, Bombay, Delhi, Ranchi and Lucknow.

By Train : Although Rajgir has its own railway stations but still other nearest convenient railhead is at Gaya 78 km. you can catch trains from there to all the major cities of India.

By Bus : State buses connect the town of Rajgir to Patna. These buses are frequently available. If you don’t want to get engage in crowdie atmosphere then there are some luxury coaches are also available that can lead syour way to Rajgir.

Local Transport : To connect the local distance, local transport like- Taxi, Tonga and buses are also available.

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