Dwarakadheesh Temple

Location : West coast of Gujarat
State : Gujarat
Districts : Jamnagar
Famous For/As : Pilgrim, Jyotirlinga
Population : 52,000
Languages : Gujarati, English and Urdu
Best Time to Visit : October to March
Weather : Summer 23 to 42°C, Winter 9 to 34°C

Dwarka at a glance

If you are someone fond of inspiring customs and splendid temples then Dwarka can surely match your enduring wishes. Located in the heart of Gujarat in the shore of the Arabian Sea, Dwarka is an apt location for every single individual who come here to grasp the fun of spiritual tour. It is the same place where the mighty Lord Krishna is believed to have ruled the kingdom. Especially for Hindus, Dwarka is supposed to be a favorable pilgrim destination.

He was the Lord Krishna who augmented the popularity of this mesmerizing city. The reason why this place is so popular is because it is the same place where mighty Lord Vishnu killed the demon Shankhasura. As per Puranas, there suppose to be 12 columns (Jyotirlingas) of light representing Lord Shiva which is spilled over in many parts of the country where one of them is placed in Dwarka and is known as the Nageshwar Mahadev.

Dwarka is accomplished with abundance of tranquil temples the display a glitzy architecture & awe-inspiring structural design. These are the signature destinations of this amazing city. The respective shrines expose the presence of Lord Krishna and their scintillating panoramas compel us to believe Lord Krishna was present in ancient time.

Major Pilgrimage attractions of Dwarka

Dwarkadhish Temple, Dwarka

Dwarka temple exposes 2500 years of long history and belongs to the to the Chalukya style of art. The temple is dedicated to the might deity of Hindus “lord Krishna’. The mesmerizing monument is complimented with amazing expressions of artistic. The temple looks simply awesome when one takes its practical glimpse. It’s a five storied main shrine backed by 60 amazing roof columns appear to be the major attraction of pilgrims who visit here from far and wide.

One more attribute that enhance the beauty of Dwarkadhish Temple is a beautiful black color idol of Lord Krishna. Before entering to the temple through swarg dwar, all the devotees need to take a dip into the Gomti River. This is a part of ritual that refreshes all the devotees who take entry to the temple. The temple remains open for pilgrims from 7AM in the morning to 9:30 PM in the evening. One can also participate in the morning and evening Pooja that held here everyday from morning to evening. There are certain rules and regulation of the temple that one needs to follow. Devotees are strictly to no to break the rules and regulations of the temple.

Dwarka Temple timings
  • Morning: 7. AM to 12:30 PM
  • Evening: 5. P.M to 9.30 PM
Gita Mandir, Dwarka

Located towards the Western Ghats of Dwarka, the amazing Gita temple is situated near the Bhadkeshwar Mahadev Mandir. The temple was built in 1970 by the leading business tycoons of India who are renowned in the world as well “Birlas”. The temple tempts to venture the ethics of the most sanctified book Bhagavad Gita.

Gomti Ghat Temples

Gomti is one of the most sacred bank rivers of India. It is no less than the holy river Ganaga that falls down from the heaven directly. The river itself endow various Ghats as well as shrines where devotees where the devotees perform plenty of rituals. The river could also be seen from the famous Dwarkadhish Temple. The temple is located at the same place where river Gomti meets the giant deep and blue ocean. The temple is believed to be an image of river Gomti, it is said to be brought on the land from heaven by Vasistha Muni

Nageshwar Jyotirlinga temple

Nageshwar Jyotirlinga temple or Nagnath temple is one of the most reputed Shiva shrine of India visited by thousands of pilgrims come from India as well as other countries. This is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of India where rests 11 are situated in the other parts of the country. The temple itself resembles the removal of devil presence from earth.

According the Shiva Purana, there is a tale narrated about this temple where it is believed that the mighty Lord Shiva started dwelling here after killing the demon Daruka. And, the place got its name after the appeal of demon to Lord Shiva before death that the placed be named after him. This is here from that time; it got the same name “Naagnath”.

There is a colossal idol of Lord Shiva is placed inside the temple where Shivalinga faces towards the south and the Gomugam is on the east. The idols mesmerize every single tourist a lot and enhance the beauty of this amazing temple. One must not forget to visit this captivating temple.

Other attractions of Dwarka Include
  • Bhadkeshwar Mahadev Mandir
  • Rukshamanee Mandir
  • Rukmani Devi Temple
  • Bhalka Tirth
How to reach Dwarka?

By Air : The nearest airport is Jamnagar that is just 45 Km away from Dwarka. In order to reach the terminal, one can simply hire a bus or taxi.

By Rail : Dwarka is having a western railway network that is very well connected with all the major cities of India including Jamnagar (132 kms), Mumbai (945 kms), Rajkot (207 kms) etc. The express train offers convenient daily connections to Dwarka from Ahmadabad

By Bus : There is a state highway that connects Dwarka to other Indian states and cities. The State Transport Corporation connects Dwarka to all the major cities as well as town of Gujarat and other states of the country. You can freely visit Dwarka by bus as well as roads.

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