Tourist Places in Palitana

Location : India, Gujarat
State : Gujarat
District : Bhavnagar
Famous for/as : Temples
Languages : Gujarati, Hindi, English
Best Season : Oct – Mar
Weather : Summer 22-40°C, Winter 12-33°C
Altitude : 66 m
Population : 51, 934
STD Code : 02848

About Palitana

Palitana is a major pilgrimage center for Jains as well other religion’s of people. A city located in the Bhavnagar district, Gujarat, India. You can see many pilgrims and devotees of different religion here throughout the year. Many Jains believe that their spiritual leaders had attained the salvation here. There is a beautiful hill in Palitana named as Shatrunjaya engages many grandiose temples.

One will not hesitate calling this city a temple town because it alone gives shade to approx 1300 amazing temples where several have been made with marble and shaped with discriminating carvings and sculptors. Temples on the top of the hills have been built over a period of 900 years by the generations of Jains and erection was brought up on track in 11th century.

For the Darshan (Visit) of these temples, one needs to climb 3800 steps that now have been cut out of the rock to reach the temples. Some of the temples have been built with marbles and some with sandstones that can easily be seen from the top of the hills. It is said that every Jain must visit this place at least once to attain Nirvana. For convenient accommodation, the city engages plenty of luxury as well as budget Guest houses.

Major pilgrimage attractions of Palitana

Kumar Pal Temple : As per the history of Kumar Pal Temple in Palitana, it’s the same place where the major disciple of Adinatha attained Nirvana. The temple is a perfect place to witness the celestial harmony and true peace of mind displaying the old charm of architectural grandeur and human deeds. The temple holds a significant place for the Jains.

Tourists visit here in flock to offer their prayers and seek out the blessings of the superlative power. The temple exhibits a peaceful ambience and what accentuates this ambience is the synchronized ringing of the bells and blissful intones of the hymns. Visitors are strictly prohibited entering with any kind of leather item along with them.

Sampriti Raj Temple : It is one of the most famous temples of Shatrunjaya Mountain among. It stands the distinctive position amid all 863 temples. The sophisticated architectural patterns of this temple swanks a great fame amid various travelers. The entire temple exhibits a heart throbbing panorama and leave every visitor enchant with its scintillating beauty. Taking few steps ahead from Sampriti Raj Temple, you can also see the glimpse of another serene temple of Palitana i.e. Vimal Shah Temple and others as well.

Chaumukh Shrine : Chaumukh Shrine is also dubbed as Adinath temple and has been dedicated to the same who was the first among 24 Tirthankaras. The literal meaning of Chaumukh means “Four Faces”. History of Chaumukh shrine dates back to the ancient period of 17th century. The temple is bedecked with immaculate architecture that compels thousands of visitors throughout the year. Chaumukh temple is having lots of square shaped structures that are in the shape of dome at the top which are extremely symbolical. During the visit of this temple, tourists will surely feel a sense of harmony & bliss.

Angar Pir Shrine : While going at the top of Shatrunjaya hill, you will get to see this sacred Muslim shrine called as Pir. Devotees visit here in this shrine from far and wide areas. The blessings of the Pir are summoned by the women who don’t have child for to be blessed by children. It is believed that if you come where with positive spirit and clean soul then your wishes will never go blank. Childless women offer small cradles to this Pir hence the shrine is spotted with such cradles.

Adishwara Temple : The temple is also placed on the top of Shatrunjaya hills. One who desires to visit the temple will have to climb this hill. The journey of this temple is exhausting due to the loneliness that is allied to this temple. It engages a tough walk up of stone made stairways that comprise around 4000 steps takes approximately 1 to half hour of time.

People who are not able to walk can complete their way to Dolis that is hold by two men at both ends of a stick in the middle of which are a base to sit on. The journey must wind up before the sun set because it’s very dangerous to stay atop of the hill in the night.

Some of the other major attractions of Palitana include
  • Vimal Shah Temple
  • Shatrunjaya hills
  • Bustling Bazaars in Palitana
  • Eating Areas in Palitana
How to reach Palitana?

By Air : The nearest Airport is at Bhavnagar that is only at 51 kilometres of distance from Palitana. It has two daily flights to Mumbai and Ahmedabad, 215 kilometres away by road, has an international airport with regular flights to various major cities.

By Train/rail : Palitana has a small railway station that is connected Songadh and Bhavanagar. One wants to catch the train should stop at Sihor which has good connectivity to places such as Gandhinagar and Ahmadabad. Sihor is located very near to Palitana and one can reach to the city very easily.

By Road : There are hourly buses for Bhavnagar from Palitana. The bus stand is located at the distance of 800 meters from the Palitana railway station. One can catch regular buses for Ahmedabad, Talaja, Una, and Diu. As the road conditions are not well it may take time of 6 hours to reach the city.

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