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Tourist Places in Kushinagar

Location : India, Uttar Pradesh, Kushinagar district
Population : 17,982
State : Uttar Pradesh
District : Kushinagar
Famous for/as : Historical
Languages : Hindi, Urdu
Best Season : Oct – Mar
Weather : Summer 32-43°C, winter 19-25°C
Altitude : 400 m

About Kushinagar

Kushinagar is one of the most favorable pilgrim destination of India that is visited by plenty of devotes throughout the year. Located in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Kushinagar is a very popular destination due to the presence of Lord Buddha’s footsteps. This is the same place where great Buddha took his last breath and attained Nirvana.

It is believed that the locals of the place made Buddha eat some mushrooms and pork by which he fall seriously ill and when he come over his illness attained Parinirvana in the same region. Hence, the town is known as the final resting place of Lord Buddha. There appear to be many stupas and monasteries in the region dated back centuries. Although all of them have ruined but pilgrims can still see these monasteries during their visit to Kushinagar.

After the death of Buddha, many Buddhists got constructed abundance of monasteries and temples to commemorate their god. But Among all, Mahaparinrvana is one of the principal centers of Buddhist pilgrimage. Kushinagar Monuments are located in three discrete that is encompassing in the core site of the Nirvana Temple. It exhibits a 6 meter long statue of the sprawling Buddha.

The respective image was disclosed during the excavations by General A. Cunningham and A.C.I. Carlyl in 1861 and then after several other excavations conducted by the Archaeological Survey of India at Kushinagar confirmed its identity.

Major pilgrimage attractions of Kushinagar

Nirvana Stupa : This colossal brickwork was found by Carlleyl in 1867. It is standing at the height of 2.74 meter. During the excavation, a vessel made of copper also found at this site. It exposed an inscription written in ancient Brahmi, stating that the remains of Lord Buddha had been deposited here. The Stupa is situated in the east of the man Nirvana temple, the last place visited by Buddha.

You can visit here anytime from sunrise to sunset.

Japanese Temple : it’s a grandiose Ashta Dhatu (eight metlas) statue of Lord Buddha that had been brought up in Kushinagar direct form Japan. It was beautifully constructed by Atago Isshin World Buddhist Cultural Association. The design of this captivating statue can cast a spell on you with its amazing single circular chamber that is housing a Golden image of Lord Buddha delicately lit by a small, stained-glass window.

Myanmar Buddha Vihar : Buddha Vihar is a first monastery in Kushinagar. It alone draws plenty of tourists with many of its Buddhist temples within the monastery. The years old temple is beautifully equipped with a different type of metal that include- unearthed Bone & Metals (Asthidhatu) of Lords and followers.

Wat Thai Temple : This eye-flying temple could easily be seen from wide open eyes in Kushinagar. The temple is well adorned with lush green surroundings that is spread around the area and flourishing the all nearby surroundings. The temple was designed to be the forest- monastery congregating infinite sorts of trees to tribute the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of His Majesty King Bhumibol the Great succession to the Throne. The tranquil temple could easily be visited by every sort of tourist. If you are planning your tour to Kushinagar then you should not forget to visit here.

How to reach Kushinagar?

By Air : The nearest airport is Kushinagar from where you can easily get daily flight

By Train : The nearest railway station is Gorakhpur, 51KM away from the main city which is the headquarters of North Eastern Railways. It is connected to many major cities of India. Some core cities of India like- Mumbai, Delhi, Cochin and Barauni can directly be connected to Gorakhpur.

By Road : Kushinagar is well connected with all the major parts of Indian states. Some of the major road distances include- Gorakhpur-51 km, Lumbini-173 km, Kapilastu-148 km, Sravasti-254 km, Sarnath 266 km. Lalitpur 33 km from Deogarh.

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