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1. How is WTTW.in different from other Indian tour operators?

Ans. - In terms of pilgrimage tour and trips, WTTW.in differs from other travel makers. In the initial stage of your tour, through your first arrival as well as transfers, we make required travel and transport arrangements. The way we deal our customers and provide solutions to problem, which may occur, is incomparable and we follow professionalism at each step.

2. How can I plan my trip with you?

Ans. - All the itineraries, which we offer are customizable and can be tailored to whatever extent you want. This is where our expertise and knowledge set us apart from others.

The pre-made itineraries, which we deliver, are accessible along with the destinations. All the itineraries are all tested and tried. If any of these suits your requirement best you can contact us by visiting our contact page. Once you help us get your arrival dates along with some further details, we proceed with your booking right away.

3. What you do, when I arrive in India?

Ans. – When you arrive in India, our representatives assist you to make your hotel transfer and other formalities. Our representatives or professional team will meet you at airport, carrying a placard mentioning your name. The similar standard of care is taken whenever you make a domestic connection by rail or air at the time of your final departure or exit from India.

4. Is visa needed during my trip to India?

Ans. – If you are a foreigner then you need to carry a visa as it is mandatory. Normally the visa is valid for 6 months from the time it gets issued. You can get visas from Indian embassies as well as consulates. It takes up to two weeks to process your visa. Domestic travelers don’t require visas.

5. What immunizations do I require before taking a trip to India?

Ans. – Consult your healthcare professional or doctor. The recommended vaccinations for a trip to India include Tetanus and Hepatitis A/B. We don’t recommend visitors with health related issues.

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