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Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

Duration of the trip : - 8 Days/10 Nights
Destinations covered : - Delhi – Sravasti – Lumbini – Kushinagar – Patna – Nalanda – Rajgir – Bodhgaya – Varanasi – Delhi

Detail of tour : India is popular for its rich cultural heritage and tradition. It is the fountainhead of spiritual enlightenment and awareness. Great saints, incarnations and masters have been born at this holy land and spread their knowledge at times. ‘Bodh’ is a Sanskrit word that means knowledge. Therefore ‘Buddha’ means the person who has accomplished all knowledge. People who are the ardent follower of Lord Buddha visit Buddhist pilgrim places time to time. The main Buddhist pilgrimage sites are situated mainly in the Ganges Valley of India.

Day 1:- Arrival in Delhi

Arrival at New Delhi International Airport, you will be welcomed by assistants and transferred to your desired hotel. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 2:- Delhi/Lucknow/Sravasti by train

After early morning breakfast, leave New Delhi at 0615 hours. Arrival in Lucknow at 1230 hours. Check in at hotel for lunch then, drive to Sravasti that is 180 kms and will take 4:30 hours. Arrival in Sravasti, lodged to hotel. Take dinner and stay at hotel for a night.

Day 3:- Sravasti-Lumbini

Morning breakfast at hotel, then touring to Angulimal cave and Jetvanaram. Lunch in the hotel then, drive to Lumbini that is 190 kms, 5 to 6 hrs. Arrival at Lumbini that is located in Nepal, clock in the chosen hotel. Dinner and stay overnight at Sravasti.

Day 4:- Lumbini-Kushinagar

Breakfast in the hotel then sightseeing of Lord Buddha’s place of birth. Your lunch will be served at hotel. Later, drive to Kushinagar that is 130 kms away and take 4 hours. Reaching Kushinagar, moving to Ramabha stupa (cremation centre) and Mahaparinirvana temple. Dinner in hotel and overnight stay again.

Day 5:- Kushinagar- Vaishali- Patna

Breakfast will be provided in the hotel, after taking breakfast, drive to Patna that takes almost 7 hours and approximately 280 kms away. Reaching Patna transferred to selected hotel, take dinner and stay overnight at hotel.

Day 6:- Patna- Rajgir, Nalanda- Bodhgaya

Breakfast will be served at hotel. Drive to Nalanda (85kms) and see the ruins of ancient university. Lunch at Nalanda tourist cafeteria. Drive to Rajgir after talking lunch, it is situated at a distance of 15 kms and takes nearly 15-20 minutes. Arrival at Rajgir, visit worth seeing sites likes Bimbisara Jail, Venuvanaram and Gridhkuta Peak. Then, drive to Bodhgaya that is 65 kms away. Get into hotel. Dinner will be served at hotel. Overnight stay in chosen inn.

Day 7:- Bodhgaya

Full day touring at Bodhgaya, visit fascinating tourist places like Niranjana River, Mahabodhi temple and Sujata Village. All meals will be served at hotel and stay for a night in desired accommodation place.

Day 8:- Bodhgaya- Varanasi

Breakfast will be given at hotel. Afterward, drive to Varanasi, which is settled at a distance of 250 kms. After lodging in the hotel. Then continue the journey to Sarnath that is 14 kms faraway. Arrival at Sarnath, visit places like Deer Park and Dhameka Stupa. Drive back to Varanasi, reach the lodging place and stay overnight in the inn.

Day 9:- Varanasi- Delhi by flight – Departure

Early morning boat ride on the consecrated River Ganges. Afterward taking boat ride, back to hotel for breakfast. After taking breakfast, you are free to go for shopping in Varanasi, which is quite famous for its silk products. Lunch will be served at lodge, reaching airport to board the flight for Delhi. After reaching Delhi, take dinner at restaurant and then transfer to airport to catch the onward flight.

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