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Kanyakumari Temples
Fast Facts:
  • Best Season : Oct - Mar
  • Languages : Tamil
  • Weather : Winter 17 to 21°C, Summer 23 to 35°C
Kanyakumari at a Glance:

Kanyakumari, sited in Tamil Nadu and also called ‘Cape Comorin’ is one of the most famous pilgrimage destinations of India. The fact that makes it eminent is that it is sited at the southernmost region of India. It is sprawled over a region of 1672 sq km that occupies 1.29% of Tamil Nadu’s total extent. It also is the confluence of the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. This pilgrimage site is famous for its awe-inspiring sight of sunsets and sunrises, particularly on full-moon days.

Kanyakumari Temple: The Origin

This destination has been named after the deity Kanyakumari Amman, who is worshiped by people as the Goddess of this popular area. According to a legend it has been said that Deity Parvati, one of her incarnations as Devi Kanniya, performed atonement on one of its rocks to get Lord Shiva’s hand.

History :

Kanyakumari has been one of the most important hubs for the past few decades. This region got flourished not only in the field of art and religion, but also in trade as well as commerce. This region remains under the power of several dynasties such as Pandyas, Cholas, Nayaks and Cheras. The art as well as culture of these empires is palpable through the magnificent architecture of holy places located in the region.

Later on, it can under the supremacy of the Venad Empire and during this period the capital of this region was sited at Padmanabhapuram. Suring the time period 1729 to 1758, its emperor Anizham Thirunal Marthanda Varma, founded Travancore and the province that at the present comes under the Kanyakumari district, is popular as South Travancore. Afterward, it came under the influence of British and then became a part of independent Indian Union in 1947.

Mythological Association:

Regarding this place, several legendary stories have been told. One such is the story of Diety Parvati’s incarnation. She was supposed to marry Lord Shiva, however, on the wedding day he didn’t appear. The grains that were made for the nuptial ceremony remained idle as well as uncooked. With passing time the grains took the forms of stones. Even today, people believe that these stones are the relics of that legendary marriage ceremony, that couldn’t be held. And hence Goddess Parvati remained a virgin deity blessing the pilgrims and travelers both.

Another myth is associated to Lord Hanuman, according to this fable while Lord Hanumana was carrying Sanjeevani Parvat, he dropped a piece over this location and hence, it got surrounded with various medicinal plants.

Swami Vivekananda also visited this site for contemplation and a rock called Vivekananda Rock Memorial still stands symbolizing his meditation. It was built in 1970.

Major Pilgrimage Attarctions in Kanyakumari :

Kumari Amman Temple : Appealingly located neglecting the seashore, this place of worship and the nearby ghats exert a pull on pilgrims throughout the India to pay reverence and to bathe. According to myth, Devi did reparation here to get Lord Shiva as her companion. When she became unsuccessful, she promised to remain a Kanya (virgin).

This temple is open every day from 4.30-11.45 AM plus from 5.30 to 8.30 PM. Non Hindus is not granted permission to enter the inner sanctum. On entering the shrine men are asked to remove their shirt and everyone is asked to take away their shoes.

Swami Vivekananda Rock Memorial : Vivekananda, who came here to visit this land on the eve of December 25, 1892 swam to the rock as well as spent the whole nighttime there in deep contemplation. After meditation he determined himself to the service of this Motherland as well as to spread Vedanta’s message. After that he attended the assembly held in Chicago over religions. To memorialize his trip to the rock, an outstanding monument has been erected that attracts thousands of pilgrims and visitors.

Temple Of Goddess Bhagavathi : Stands near the junction of three oceans: the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. In its previous form the shrine appears to have been constructed by the primary Pandyas. However, the Nayaks extended it later. The figure of the deity in the sanctum is spectacular in its tranquillity and beneficence. In her right hand she carries a necklace. The eastern gateway that faces the Bay of Bengal is opened just for five times in a year.

The Temple at Suchindram : Sited at a remoteness of 13 km from kanyakumari. This is a superior, huge fane featuring a stunning tank. It is amongst few places of worship in the nation where the Trinity, Brahma, Vishnu and Isvara (Mahesha), are applauded. The Lingam, that is called ‘Sthanumalaya’, is in three parts. The top depicts Lord Shiva, the center Lord Vishnu and the bottom Lord Brahma. ‘Mal’ is the name of Vishnu, ‘Sthanu’ of Shiva, and ‘Ayan’ of Brahma.

Nagaraja Temple at Nagercoil : It is 19-km away from Kannyakumari in Nagercoil. It is supposed that snakebite is not critical within the range of one km of the shrine. The fane also contains some Jain figurines.

Sankaranainarkoil : It features 3 holy places dedicated to Goddess Gomathi Amman, Lord Sankaralinga along with Lord Sankaranarayana, a blend of Vishnu and Shiva. It got built in 11th century and was elongated later. Its Gopura is of 9 storeys with a height of 38m. The shrine is well-known for the marvels the Goddess presents in treating ailments.

Tirunelveli : This place of worship of Sri Kanthimathi Ambal and Swami Nelliappar in Tirunelveli is located at a distance of 83 kms from Kanyakumari. It dates back to the 7th century. Ninrasir Neumaran, related to Pandya, is supposed to have custom-built musical pillars located inside a Mandapa in this holy place. While Sambandar has choral it. Initially, there were 2 shrines side by side, which were dedicated to Goddess Kanthimathi and Lord Nelliappar. These were correlated by the ‘chain’ Mandapa and were constructed during 1647. The oldest writing belongs to the mid of 10th century.

Kumarakovil : It is at the base of the Velimalai hills, which is in Kalkulam Taluk. It is about 34-km far from Kannyakumari. The temple of Lord Muruga is created on the hummock about 200-feet high in a lush field of Plantain, Paddy and Coconut trees. This shrine if recognized for its architectural splendor. Goddess Valli, the other half of Lord Subramanya is also hold as sacred by the side of the Lord in the temple. There also a big lake, which is apt for boating.

Subramanya Temple in Tiruchendur : It is the holy place of Lord Subramanya in Tiruchendur, which is in the same region. It is one of the ‘Arupadai Veedus’, or particularly Lord’s sacred dwellings. Conventionally, it venerates the Lord's triumph over Surapadma, an evil spirit. The Gopura, of 9 storeys, is about 42m high, which was built by 17th century and was refurbished in 1983.


Here the Cape festival is rejoiced by locals and is celebrated for three days on large scale. During this festival a series of cultural and traditional programs are performed.

Accessibility :

Air : Thiruvananthapuram is the nearby aerodrome, which is located at a remoteness of 80 km. this airport is well linked with domestic and International flights. From here you can also hire a bus or taxi to Kanyakumari.

Road : Regular bus services with Pondicherry, Chennai, Bangalore, Madurai, Trichy, Nagercoil, Mandapam (Rameshwaram), Tuticorin, Tiruvelveli, Tiruchendur, Trivandrum, etc. are available to reach there.

Rail : Kanyakumari is also easily accessible through various rail routes running from various Indian cities. Superfast trains correlate the southernmost railway station with northern cities like Delhi and Jammu.


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