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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing Centers in India
Spiritual Healing at a Glance

When it comes to spirituality, many people think about only religion but in actual the term is bit different than just the religion but it rivets the gratitude and acceptance of a God afar our own aptitude and with whom we can have a relationship. The respective divinity can work to provide an inspiration of Joy, security and peace of mind. Spiritual healing is something when divine power is transmitted to the person who requires it.

On the initial basis, the treatment works on the body of human, spirit as well as mind, which are observed as one unit that must complement for better health. The spiritual healing works to help individuals to heal from emotional and mental problems and physical conditions as well such as frozen shoulder. One must try this treatment to sort out vary type of unnoticeable health problems.

When it comes to spiritual healing, the specification of religion probably doesn’t matter. It can easily be administered to the person of any spiritual denomination or none at all. Concerns like faith and religion takes no part while we talk about spiritual healing. It initially goes beyond then the respective words. While you come to have the spiritual healing, don’t think about anything like- your religion, faith, caste or anything. All you have to remember is just the purpose then you have come for the spiritual healing.

Origins of Spiritual Healing

The word “Spiritual” directly denotes to the godly nature of the energy that comes from indiscernible intelligent source. You can’t find them anywhere else, especially at the existing places. And, the healing energy that approaches from this source can easily be accessed by every human. The Spiritual nature of mankind indicate to those parts of body that are non physical such as mind, emotions and the “life force” that can’t even be monitored by the people themselves.

While tendering you spiritual healing, healers consider your body, spirit, and mind as the one inter-reliant unit and they believe that all three will work in harmony to maintain good health without any mental pressure and strain stress.

Any health problem whether it is a physical like broken leg or it’s a mental like- depression or any kind of anxiety needs the healing power in order to reinstate the steadiness of the person. Every kind of health sickness start from the mind and this is the same from where healing begins. So healing power is extremely important to sort out majority of health issues

Spiritual healing centers in India

There appear to be more than thousands of spiritual healing centers in India where one can go for the proper spiritual healing. Some of them include-

1-Art of Living Ashram :

It was found in 1982 by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The Ashram is renowned for its stress-elimination and self-development programs. All these programs are entirely based on the Yoga and meditation techniques.

Address : Situated in the Panchagiri hills just 36 kilometers southwest of Bangalore, near Udipalya village.

Courses and Programs : n the Panchagiri hills, 36 kilometers southwest of Bangalore, near Udipalya village.

2-Isha Foundation Ashram :

It’s a non-profit organization that was founded by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev in 1992. The initial purpose of this foundation is to encourage the spiritual and physical wellbeing of people through Yoga and outreach programs like- Environmental rejuvenation.

Address : Isha Yoga Center, at the base of the Velliangiri Mountains in Tamil Nadu.

Courses : Inner Engineering, Hatha yoga, yoga for children, advanced meditation programs, sacred treks, and mind and body rejuvenation retreats based on Ayurvedic principles.

3 - Sri Aurobindo Ashram :

The Ashram was founded by Sri Aurobindo and a French woman known as The Mother in 1926. The Sri Aurobindo Ashram has grown into an expanded group of people along with the thousands of members.

Address : Pondicherry, 160 kilometers south of Chennai, in Tamil Nadu.

4 -Sathya Sai Baba Ashram :

The Ashram is popular amid devotees and Sathya Sai Baba is worshipped over here like god. Not only this ashram but people from many places in India worship Sathya Sai Baba as a god. People visit this Ashram by a desire to see the “incarnation of God”.

Late Sathya Sai Baba is not on earth (died on 24 April 2011) by still alive in the heart of his devotees. The rules of the Ashram are so Strict so you need to stay prepare to follow them

Address : The main ashram (Prasanthi Nilayam) where Sathya Sai Baba mostly resides is in Puttaparthi, 125 kilometers northeast of Bangalore.

Courses : Ashram life consists of pathways to God devotion, comprising early morning Vedic chanting, and singing of religious songs, spiritual talks, and discussions.

4 - Mata Amritanandamayi Ashram : Widely known as "Hugging Mother" or "Amma, the Mother of All". Mata Amritanandamayi Devi mesmerizes devotees with her love. Free public Darshan (audiences) are held with Amma at around 10 a.m. on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Address : The Amritapuri Ashram is in Kollam, Kerala. It is just 110 kilometers north of Trivandrum.

Courses : Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique (a 20 minute combination of yoga, pranayama, and meditation). Morning and evening mediation, prayers, and service are all part of the ashram life.

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